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On May, 6th 1997 experts coming from different economic businesses founded the quality association Gütegemeinschaft Anti-Graffiti e. V. It was and is aim of the association: 1. to attend the scientific and spezialized realization of cleaning and protection provisions, precautionary measures, include, to comment on and to rate all already existing producte and tecniques zu, 3. to publish the gained information and therefore to improve the knowledge concerning graffiti removal and protection. The membership inof the association may be acquired by any firm or company that carries out graffiti removal undand graffiti prevention and/or that produces equipment and technologies which are connected with graffiti removal and prevention. The quality association has more than 60 members from six European countries.

The quality association Gütegemeinschaft Anti-Graffiti e.V. is a regular member of RAL , the German Institute for securring quality standards and marking e.V. More than 130 other quality associations belonging to RAL are registered there as regular members.

The quality association "Gütegemeinschaft Anti-Graffiti" e.V. is the holder of the collective mark Nr. 399511284 registered at the German patent office in Munich.

The quality association Anti-Graffiti e.V.

  • examines processing plants
  • RAL lends the quality mark Anti-Graffiti to examined processing plants
  • gives in accordance with the set of rules examined materials the RAL quality mark Anti-Graffiti
  • recommends alternative cleaning technologies after testing
  • appoints and accredits testing institutes
  • supervises the accomplishments concerning quality securring that have been achieved by the testmark users

Join our association:

  • The statute of the quality association Gütegemeinschaft Anti-Graffiti e.V. and the liability to subscription needs to be accepted by you
  • The applicant sends the application form /undertaking to the office of the association
  • The branch office confirmes the request for membership after examination and asks for deposit of the contribution fee
  • After receiving the payment the office confirms the admission of the applicant as a member


Neue Webseite online

Ab heute ist die neue Webesite der Gütegemeinschaft Anti-Graffiti e.V. online.


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